Why Do New Cars Need Paint Protection?

car needs protection

Aside from a home, a car is likely the most expensive investment that people have. Like all investments, maintaining value also means working to protect them. For cars, there are many things we do to protect our investment. For example, you will periodically change your oil, have your brake pads replaced, and align your tires. 

However, one aspect of protecting your vehicular assets that many people overlook is paint protection. The reality is that paint protection is particularly critical for new cars as it provides a wealth of benefits, making it a great value over time. Let’s take a look at the reasons that new cars need paint protection. 

Protect That New Car Look

Purchasing a new car is an important decision. There are likely many things that you considered before deciding upon a particular make and model including the car’s style, reputation, and even colour. Most people are very proud of their vehicle. 

Paint protection is integral to maintaining that perfect new car look. The reality is that there are many things that can quickly ruin a brand-new paint job like damage from rocks or simply fading paint from exposure to the elements. However, paint protection will keep your car looking new longer, with some options like paint protection film even providing strong protection against scratches and dings. 

Maintain Its Resale Value

Even if you are the type of person who plans to drive a car for a long time before purchasing another, you want to help maintain its value. If you are someone that tends to trade your vehicle every few years, you definitely want to do your best to maintain the number of pounds you can get in return. Paint protection will greatly help maximize resale value. 

While there are a number of factors that influence the value of a car, one of the most important is exterior appearance. In fact, just a few dings or scratches are enough to knock a vehicle from good to poor condition. Paint protection helps to prevent natural wear and tear from things like bugs, sunlight, harsh weather, and acidic rain by creating a protective layer between the manufacturer’s paint job and the elements. 

You Park Beneath Trees

There are many things that can damage a paint job. However, parking beneath trees exposes your car to many potential hazards. One of the main ones is tree sap which can eat away at paint quite quickly. Resistant coatings such as paint protection film and ceramic coating provide an important barrier of resistance. 

Did you know that bird poop can also leave your paint job damaged? This is due to the acidic content of these droppings, which begin to eat away at the paint once it becomes hardened by the sun. Even the most vigilant car owner is likely to see these effects after a while without paint protection. 

You Commute a Long Distance

If you spend an excessive amount of time on the highway, it’s likely that your new car will experience nicks and scratches even before you’ve sent your first few payments in the post. The fact of the matter is the more you drive your car, the greater your chance of encountering a hazard on the road. 

There are many things that will damage your paint job including salt put down to protect against ice as well as pebbles and rocks kicked up by other vehicles’ tires. Even dust and dirt mixed with rain can cause chemical reactions that can cause corrosion over time. Paint protection relieves you from these worries. 

Final Thoughts

There are many important reasons to invest in paint protection. Two major solutions are paint protection film and ceramic coating. Paint protective film is an ultra-strong, relatively thin adhesive placed on top of your vehicle. This substance both protects paint and provides excellent protection against scratches. Meanwhile, ceramic coating is a near-permanent wax that creates a chemical bond to your car, providing a layer that repels damage from bugs, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays while also providing some protection against scratching. Check with us to determine what option is best for your new car.

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