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Our New Car Prep is the best choice to prepare your new vehicle for its life with you, enrich your ownership experience with Ceramic Pro Markham.

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We will remove all shipping plastic, give a thorough swirl-free cleaning to all exterior surfaces including exhausts, wheels, trim, paintwork, glass, remove all surface contamination including ferrous contamination, adhesives, stickers, greases left from the shipping process, and protect all exterior cleaned surfaces so your vehicle stays the way it came. You will see how your new vehicle will look even newer with Get Detailed.

Please request your dealership not to do any paint preparation on the vehicle and not to remove any of the transportation film except from the wheels. Also do not opt-in for any clear bra package or paint protection package. Clear bra can be applied after our services are rendered ensuring you only have the glossiest paint as a base.

Dealerships cannot give your vehicle the attention it needs in such a high volume business, we can. Vehicles usually prepared by your dealerships usually left with extra wax left in creases and crevices, swirl marks from wrong washing/drying methods or polishing holograms from unskilled polishers.

Not to mention they’re not perfect from the factory, we have often found scratches near the key holes from the cars being jockeyed around ports, water spotting from imports waiting to be shipped and ferrous contamination from cars being transported by train. Making sure these problems are not part of your ownership experience is our job.

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We know how proud you are of your car. We will help you put the diamond on the crown. Contact us today to get a quote.

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Hamza and the Get Detailed team offer clients a luxurious experience. Have a coffee while you wait or pick up your car later on, whichever you prefer.

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