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What is a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer in Toronto?

The Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Program was established to provide luxury vehicle owners in Toronto and other cities in North and South America the freedom of a one-stop-shop for auto restyling and detailing solutions. 

Elite Dealers are exclusive installers of Ceramic Pro & KAVACA branded products including their flagship ceramic coatings for cars, Paint Protection Film, and Luxury Ceramic Window Tint

Further, Elite Dealers offer exclusive Next Generation technology – found in Ceramic Pro ION coatings, and KAVACA Ultimate IR ceramic window film. 

Elite Dealer Exclusive Products & Packages

Full Exterior Lifetime Protection

Ultimate armor black

The Ultimate Armor Package was created to provide vehicle owners in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and other towns in the Greater York Region in Ontario a cost-efficient way to protect high-strike areas of their cars, trucks, and SUVs from road debris, while adding Next Gen coating technology to remaining exterior surfaces.

The Elite Dealer Exclusive Ultimate Armor Package is that perfect blend of KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF and Ceramic Pro’s latest innovation – the ION Coating.  

Ultimate Armor is a game-changing package that provides unparalleled full exterior protection that will leave your vehicle looking flawless and shielded from the elements and road debris.

We start by applying a full-front paint protection film package, that keeps your front end, side-view mirrors, front fenders, and door pillars shielded from road debris scratches, and the harsh effects of the elements.

With Ceramic Pro Next Gen ION coatings, the rest of your vehicle’s exterior gets the ultimate protection it deserves.

The World's First Luxury Window Film

KAVACA Ultimate IR

There are several great window tinters in Toronto and surrounding suburbs. And while they might be able to offer infrared blocking window tint, most of them are metallic or crystalline – which problems with reducing satellite or mobile signals.

Most ceramic window tint in Toronto helps to reduce the signal interference problem but doesn’t have the IR rejection of these high-technology films.

KAVACA Ultimate IR is the perfect blend of industry leading heat rejection in multiple VLTs, with crystal clear signal strength and visual clarity. The film infuses advanced nanoceramic technology to block up to 98% of heat producing infrared radiation. This helps keep your interior cooler during the summer heat. But it also serves as insulation during the cold winter months.

The result is less dependence on energy draining heating and air conditioning systems. This not only is eco-friendly and, but it can extend battery range for EVs like Tesla’s, Lucid, Pulstar, and more.

Ultimate IR is exclusively offered at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers – such as Ceramic Pro Elite Markham.

top ceramic coating in toronto

The Next Generation of Ceramic Pro Ion Coating Technology

Ceramic Pro Elite Markham has been established as the premier ceramic coating installer in Toronto. With the recent launch of Ceramic Pro ION, we’re available to offer the Next Generation of coating technology – the World’s First ION Coating.

Ceramic Pro ION is a cutting-edge multiple-stage ceramic coating system. It leverages ION Exchange Technology which seamlessly integrates multiple coating layers, to create a single, solid, and durable layer of protection.

ION Base and ION Top Coat increases the atomic bond of the coated surface, by connecting large and small IONs and creating a coating that delivers twice the durability, slickness, enhanced gloss, and longevity of previous generation ceramic coatings.

And if you live or work in Toronto or Greater York Region, you’ll find it exclusively at Ceramic Pro Elite Markham.

Why Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer?

Good Investment

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers specialize in customizing protective packages that are documented on your Carfax service history report. This increases your vehicle’s resale value. 

Cp Elite ceramic coating for Showroom
Showroom Look

Once protected with our Next Gen coatings or PPF, your vehicle will stand out among the crowd. Our paint correction services will remove any imperfections or swirl marks, making your vehicle look better than the day you picked it up. 

ceramic coating tool
Less Maintenance

Ceramic Pro Coatings and Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film are extremely hydrophobic. This makes it harder for sticky contaminants to bond, allowing you to easily clean your car throughout the year. 

Highest Volume Installer of Ceramic Pro Coatings

At Ceramic Pro Elite Markham, we’ve served the Toronto metro area for more than 10 years. Over that time, we’ve become the leading installer of Ceramic Pro coatings. 

With the addition of KAVACA PPF and Ceramic Window Tint, we now offer the full complement of vehicle protective solutions. 

Areas we cover:



We know that you have several options for choosing an installer for ceramic coatings, PPF, and window film.

Our Elite Dealer in Toronto gives you the flexibility of working with a single service provider, that will give your vehicle a luxury auto restyling service with a focus on quality. 

Your Elite Dealer Experience begins by contacting our award winning team. We’ll take time to explore all Ceramic Pro products and packages, and help you choose one that makes sense. 

Please take a few mins to fill out the contact form, and we’ll connect with you promptly. 

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