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What is Car Detailing in Toronto?

When your car, truck, or SUV needs a day at the auto spa, professional car detailers in Toronto like Ceramic Pro Elite Markham are ready to pamper your valuable vehicle. But what exactly is automotive detailing – and what does it involve?

Car detailing is an art that involves the careful cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle to achieve an exceptional level of detail. It surpasses the standard car wash by encompassing every aspect of the vehicle, both inside and out.

The goal is to create a show-quality appearance that showcases the true beauty of the car. Proper detailing not only restores the car’s appearance to a brand-new and well-maintained state, but also provides protection against the elements, ultimately extending its lifespan.

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Car Detailing Packages in Toronto


Wash & Wax Service

If your car, truck, or SUV is not protected by Ceramic Pro coatings or PPF, the exterior is exposed to UV radiation, ice and snow, road salt, and natural toxins every day. 

Applying an automotive car wax after a complete exterior detail and decontamination wash is a great way to provide that protection every few months.

If you prefer the luster of natural car wax, consider our Exterior Only Wash & Wax detailing service in Toronto. 





Decontamination Detail

Everyday, the exterior of your vehicle is bombarded with sticky contaminants like brake dust (industrial fallout), pollen, bug splatters, and tree sap. Eventually, this will cause your paint to feel rough to the touch. But worse, it slowly begins to breakdown your clear coating.

A decontamination detailing service is a three step process that removes these contaminants from the exterior, leaving it crystal clean and ready for a paint protection product.

After a thorough wash, your paint is treated for iron fallout, organic fallout and clay bar to rid the paint of all contamination. After a high-quality protectant is applied to keep the shine in and debris off.

We recommend a Ceramic Pro Coating Package for optimal protection. 







Complete Service Detail

Our complete service detailing service in Toronto is the most popular package. This is our full-service detailing package – where we combine our decontamination and full interior detailing options into an affordable, one-stop-shop solution. 

With our complete service detail package, we also include leather conditioner for seats and fabric sealant for textiles. Additionally, we provide an exterior dressing to bring back a pop and shine to your vehicle. 

Ceramic Pro Dirt-Clean Car
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Want your vehicle to have a Showroom finish in and out? This is the package for those passionate vehicles owners that prefer immaculate interior and exterior that is nothing less than when your vehicle was new or even better. 

This includes the decontamination detail plus a labour intensive paint correction step that renews the shine and deep gloss of the exterior paint to an unmatched level.

This process involves products and machines from around the world to make sure your vehicle is looking its best. Also includes is large rock chip repair (5 foot correction) and windshield coating (making it easier to see in rain).

This package includes:

  • Thorough Exterior Wash
  • Chemical Paint Decontamination and Clay Bar
  • Intensive Single Stage Paint Correction
  • Exterior Protectant
  • Interior Vacuum and Shampoo
  • Glass Cleaned – Inside and Out
  • Windshield Coating
  • Door jambs, center console, dashboard and door cards detailed.
  • Fabric Sealant and Leather Conditioner
  • Exterior Trim Dressing
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