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Our most chosen service is our Ceramic Pro service.

Although our services might look expensive at first glance, we believe you’re getting great service at a very fair price. Other detailers may charge less for the same services, but have to read into what you are actually getting if they offer a wash and wax, do they really protect all exterior surfaces or are they add-ons? Are they as knowledgeable and as passionate as us? What products are they using, are they using them properly and are they really the best product they could find? How many hours of research and testing do they spend on their process, skills and products?

Chances are your vehicle is the second largest investment you have made and why take a risk ruining your paint job which could cost you $5000 and up to replace by hiring inadequate detailers or neglecting the paint finish.

Enhance your ownership experience and protect your investment with Ceramic Pro Markham.

Paint Correction also known as Buffing or Polishing is the highly skilled art of carefully removing damaged clear coat off the paint of a vehicle to expose a fresh, flawless layer of clear coat. Damaged clear coat diffracts light coming into your paint by sending it back in random directions, making your paint look less glossy or faded. When we expose a flawless layer of clear coat, this light is returned with full effect and your paint will look restored.

We couple modern paint correction techniques and machines with the old art of safely removing clear coat. Employing devices such as electronic paint gauges to measure if it is even safe to correct the clear coat without shortening the life of the paint, using masking tape to armor all exterior plastics so they are not damaged in the process and electronic microscopes to inspect our correctional work on a microscopic scale to ensure you get nothing but the best.

Please see the illustration below to identify what type of paint defect may have.

*Paint correction cannot eliminate deep scratching

Paint correction can also be a solution if you have scratched, scuffed, or traded paint with something else. We may be able to remove these imperfections without you having to pay for paint job.

*We highly recommend protecting this investment with Ceramic Pro

We highly recommend maintaining your paint after we have corrected it, it is important to learn the right way of washing your vehicle so the swirls do not reappear. We will teach you these methods, when you book one of our services. Keeping the wax or paint sealant topped up will also aid in keeping your paint flawless.

We always ask before posting pictures of a client’s car on our online portfolio and a number of internet boards we sponsor and when we do, we remove all identification tags. We want to ensure you that your confidentiality and privacy is our guarantee and we are happy to abide to any formal agreements if necessary.

A paint coating is a semi-permanent or permanent layer of protection for your clear coat. It is the ultimate protection for your paint without compromising look or feel. Up to 100 times thicker than wax, it creates up to a 2 micron buffer or sacrificial layer that can be replaced if damaged. This choice of protection is also harder than your vehicles standard clear coat which will prolong your vehicle’s paintwork.

It takes expertise, time and knowledge to install a paint coating properly and this is our specialty. If you want to spend less time washing your car by not having to apply wax or a paint sealant then this is the solution for you, these coatings also make your car easier to wash as dirt is released easier and this dirt releasing property keeps on working so car remains cleaner, longer.

*We honour our durability estimates for clear coated paintwork only, single stage and other paint systems may differ.

We also offer:

Glass Coating. This type of coating repels water on your windows for a clearer view when driving in the rain or snow. Durability up to 3 years. Watch the video.
Interior Coatings for leather and plastic, they make routine maintenance easier and prolong the life of interior components.
Headlights Coating. This coating protects your headlight from turning yellow or fading. Faded headlights can reduce your vehicle’s light output by up to 80%, we also offer headlight restoration as an add on service.
Tire Coating. We offer a semi-permanent tire coating so you don’t have to dress your tires in between washes.
Metal Coatings for your exhausts and rims so they release grime and brake dust easier.

Yes, if you have recently purchased new or used wheels, exhausts, glass, bumpers etc. for your vehicle then please contact us for our individual car parts coatings.

A swirl-free wash is washing method that does not instill swirls or scratching while thoroughly cleaning the paint. We employ grit guards, two buckets and safe wash media in our detailing arsenal to insure that we are gentle as possible. If your car is extra dirty we usually wash more then one time and replace our buckets with fresh water and soap.

Dealerships cannot give your vehicle the attention it needs in such a high volume business, we can. Vehicles usually prepared by your dealerships are usually left with extra wax left in creases and crevices, swirl marks from wrong washing/drying methods or polishing holograms from unskilled polishers. Not to mention they’re not perfect from the factory, we have often found scratches near the key holes from the cars being jockeyed around ports and distribution centers, water spotting from imports waiting to be shipped and ferrous contamination from cars being transported by train. Making sure these problems are not part of your ownership experience is our job.

Yes, we have the knowledge and the specific products your finish requires to detail it. Our optically clear sealant is designed to protect the finish without altering the look.

We do offer fleet services, please contact us further for more information.

We offer detailing solutions for all these, please contact us further for more information.

We may offer a maintenance program in your area, please contact us further for more information.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, please visit the contact us page for various ways of getting in contact with us.

Chances are we do, we know many skillful detailers around the world. Please contact us to see if we can find someone providing the same services we do in your area.

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