Top Winter Car Detailing Tips for Toronto Vehicle Owners for 2023

Winter is here, and even in beautiful Ontario, that means wet, snowy, and icy driving conditions are in store. At this time of year, a vehicle’s auto detailing in Toronto means much more than just keeping cars looking their best—it’s about protecting vehicle owners from the safety risks that come from winter wear and tear.

Toronto’s winter season can be particularly harsh on your car. The combination of frigid temperatures, road salt, snow, and slush can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s appearance and condition.

To ensure your car stays in top shape and retains its luster throughout the winter, follow these top 5 winter car detailing and cleaning tips, especially if you’re in Toronto, Canada.

Schedule Monthly Professional Detailer Car Washes in Toronto

Washing your own car in below-zero temperatures is very tricky. Not only is it difficult to find a day when temperatures are warm enough or sunny, but water will quickly evaporate outdoors in brisk weather as well. This can quickly lead to scratches, etching, and damaging soft materials on your vehicle’s exterior.

winter car Detailing

Instead of risking causing damage, strongly consider setting up a monthly or bi-monthly car wash by a professional detailing shop in Markham. An expert detailer is going to wash your vehicle indoors, in a temperature-controlled environment.

Not only will they wash the car using the best automotive detailing supplies, but using high-pressure water and the right techniques for removing stubborn road grime and salt. Plus, they’ll use a dedicated detailing after-wash spray, that provides added protection and slickness to the exterior. This will make it more difficult for slush and road grime to stick to your vehicle.

Always Keep Your Windshield Washer Fluid Tank Full

Winter driving is difficult enough without having visibility issues. As everyone who has lived in Toronto for longer than a year, windshield visibility is a major problem – especially on snowy days. This is why it’s vital for all vehicle owners to be proactive about keeping their windshield wash fluid tank as filled as possible during the winter months.

Just like radiator coolant, windshield washer fluid is specially formulated to be temperature-sensitive, meaning that it will not freeze unless the temperatures fall well below -30 degrees. However, some car owners might feel that it’s OK to mix regular tap water with windshield washer fluid.

This is a bad idea.

Not only will the water freeze, but it’ll likely crack your washer fluid tank, and cause it to run dry at the worst time.

Treat your Tires with a Good Tire Dressing

Cold winter weather can also lead to road grime sticking to the sidewalls of your tires. Sure, this makes your tires look ugly, but did you know that the road grime and road salts used during the winter can lead to premature cracking and aging of your tires?

When your sidewalls crack, the entire tire becomes more susceptible to roadside punctures. And if you’ve ever experienced a flat tire in the middle of the night during winter, you’ll understand how frustrating and dangerous this can be.

So, beyond scheduling monthly car washes and detailing with an expert detailer, ask them to use a professional tire conditioner as they finish up the job. This will provide a protective layer for the sidewalls of your tires. Not only will it keep your tires looking great, but will make it more difficult for road salt and grime to stick.

Garage Car Washing with a Rinseless Car Wash

If you have a garage, it might be a good idea to consider using a rinseless car wash. A rinseless car wash is a special type of car washing solution that is mixed with fresh water and allows the vehicle owner to wash the car without using a hose to rinse off the soapy water.

This type of product is exceptional for the car owner that is looking for convenient ways of washing the vehicle during the winter season. The soap works by encapsulating dirt and debris from the vehicle, lifts it off the surface, and then can be wiped off.

If you’ve never heard of this type of product, here is a video of a great product, which isn’t sold in Canada unfortunately. But you can find many other products that are virtually identical to this Americana Global Rinseless Wash.

Consider a Complete Ceramic Coating Exterior Package

When you simplify it – winter vehicle cleaning and routine maintenance is made difficult because of two specific items – the cold weather, and the road salt and grime sticking to the exterior materials. A quick solution to make it easier to clean your vehicle is to have a professional ceramic coating applied by Ceramic Pro Elite Markham.

This coating is getting popular because it’s got some incredible capabilities. Here’s what ceramic coating can do:

Ceramic Coating is Hydrophobic

So, what does hydrophobic mean? It essentially indicates that the coating exhibits exceptional water repellency.

After the curing process, the coating exhibits hydrophobic properties, causing water to bead up and effortlessly slide off the surface of your car. This additional layer of protection effectively prevents water, dirt, and mud from adhering to the vehicle’s paint, simplifying the cleaning process. It’s also fantastic for automotive glass.

In fact, Ceramic Pro makes a coating that is specifically made for glass – and makes it difficult for ice and snow to stick to the glass during frozen temperatures.

Ice, Snow, Mud & Dirt Repellant

If you’re dealing with a ton of ice and snow in your area, nano ceramic coatings are an absolute game-changer. Your car’s surface becomes super slick, so snow and ice won’t stand a chance. Also, slush, rain and water bead up, and mud just slides right off. It also makes it very easy to clean and wash your car – especially if you want to use a rinseless car wash.

Ceramic Coatings Improves Durability

A ceramic coating for cars forms a strong bond with the molecular structure of your car’s paint, providing enhanced protection compared to a standard paint job. The best part is that professional ceramic coatings last for years – even when exposed to below zero temperatures.

By following these five winter car detailing tips above, you’ll make it easier to keep your vehicle clean throughout the year. Plus, by adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle – you’ll be protecting it from environmental exposure and damage.

If you’d like to schedule a wintertime car detailing appointment in Toronto, or want to learn more about ceramic coatings for your car, truck, or SUV, contact our team today!

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