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Ceramic Pro Elite Markham is a Charter Member of the Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Program. We exclusively offer Next Generation Ceramic Pro Coatings, and KAVACA Performance Films – including PPF and Ceramic Window Film.

We are proud to serve residents and business owners in Markham, Toronto, Unionville, North York, Buttonville, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and other towns in the Greater York Region in Ontario, Canada. We offer a suite of auto restyling services, all backed by Carfax Documented Warranties.

Further, if you require auto detailing, paint correction, or new car prep services, we’re here to help.

This team at Ceramic Pro Elite Markham is comprised of professionals, polite and respectful technicians who will guide you through all the Ceramic Pro packages available.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level window film or prefer the complete exterior protection of the Ultimate Armor package – we’ll customize a solution for you.

Welcome to Ceramic Pro Elite Markham. We look forward to serving you soon.


Automotive Restyling Services in Toronto

With the extreme weather conditions we experience throughout Toronto, our cars, trucks, and SUVs are constantly exposed to elements that can quickly damage our paint. Plus, harsh UV radiation can slowly breakdown interior materials, while IR increases cabin temperature.

Ceramic Pro Elite Markham specializes in auto restyling improvements, including installing Next Gen ION Coatings, KAVACA Paint Protection Film, and KAVACA Ceramic Window Tint. 

As an Elite Dealer, we offer exclusive packages including the Ultimate Armor Package - the World's FIRST Full Exterior Protection Package that is backed by a lifetime warranty. 

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Luxury Detailing Services in Toronto

Whether you require a full vehicle detail before a Saturday afternoon car show, or have a new car and want to prep it for the Ultimate Armor Package & Ultimate IR Window Film, Ceramic Pro Elite Markham offers a suite of detailing services customized for your specific needs. 

Our team of expert paint correction specialists and interior or exterior detailers have years of experience working with luxury vehicles - ranging from Hypercars to Advanced Technology Electric Vehicles. 

We go above and beyond to treat your vehicle with care, and always openly disclose all costs for detailing before we begin any job. Take time to review our luxury detailing services in Toronto. 

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The World's First Full Exterior Protection Package

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The Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor Package embodies the epitome of automotive surface protection. It is a groundbreaking comprehensive exterior protection package that combines KAVACA Paint Protection Film with Ceramic Pro’s ceramic coatings.

This paint protection package in Toronto is perfect for our harsh winters and protecting your vehicle during summer, when road debris can quickly cause scratches and paint chips.

The Ultimate Armor Package includes a full-front installation of KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film – that protects the high-strike areas of a car, truck, or SUV. This helps to protect the front of your vehicle from rock chips, road debris scratches, environmental toxins, and exposure to the elements.

The remainder of the vehicle’s exterior is coated with Ceramic Pro nanotechnology coatings. At Ceramic Pro Elite Markham – we use ION Coatings – Ceramic Pro’s Next Generation coating.

Ultimate Armor is the ONLY full vehicle appearance package backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY – documented on your vehicle’s Carfax Appearance Protection Service Reporting tool.


What is Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro is the global leader in nanoceramic technology. They are the direct manufacture of Ceramic Pro branded Next Generation Ceramic Coatings, KAVACA Paint Protection Film, and KAVACA Window Film.

The North American distributor of these products is Ceramic Pro Americas. They created the Elite Dealer program, and supply us with high-quality products, marketing resources, business consulting, and technology solutions. 

This helps us provide better service to our customers, and provide them with educational resources so they can make a more informed decision.

What is the Elite Dealer Program?

The Elite Dealer is a one-stop-shop for auto restyling services and luxury detailing for vehicle owners in North and South America. This program was created to provide you with exclusive Next Gen coatings, and performance films. 

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers must complete advanced training for installing coatings, PPF and ceramic tint. However, they must also create a warm and inviting showroom, a clean and organized shop, and have a proven track record of providing exceptional customer service. 

How Long Do Ceramic Pro Coatings Last in Toronto?

Toronto vehicles are exposed to harsh winter conditions like ice, snow, and road salt. During the winter, car owners must deal with increased humidity and heat, bug splatters, and pollen.

Ceramic Pro coatings are offered in different package levels, based on how long you want the coating to hold up. As technology improves, these coatings are being designed for improved longevity.

Further, these Ceramic Pro coating packages are backed by a Carfax Verified Warranty – from six-months for entry-level Sport coatings, to a lifetime – for our Ultimate ION, Ultimate Armor, and KAVACA Ceramic Window Film. 

Is Paint Protection Film in Toronto a Good Idea?

When it comes to protecting your car, truck, SUV, or performance vehicle from everything that Toronto roads and weather can throw at it - it's hard to beat paint protection film. 

PPF or clear bra is an upgrade from our Ceramic Pro coatings. While ceramic coatings will provide protection against weather, UV rays, bird droppings, bug splatters, tree sap, and other natural toxins, PPF deflects other road debris. 

So, making the proactive decision to install paint protection film in Toronto will block rocks, gravel, and other road debris. KAVACA Paint Protection Film is our favourite way to provide the optimal paintjob protection. 

What's the Best Window Tint for Toronto Living?

Most vehicle owners in Toronto are looking for three benefits when they have window tint installed on the inside of their vehicle windows. 

First, they want to improve privacy. This is accomplished with a darker VLT of window film. However, there are window tint laws in Toronto that restrict how dark your window tint can be.

In our city, your front windows must not be darker than a 30% VLT. Rear windows can be any shade you wish. 

The second reason for upgrading window tint is to improve heat rejection. This is accomplished by upgrading to a ceramic window tint that provides superior IR rejection. IR stands for Infrared Radiation, or the rays from the sun that cause heat. 

The third reason for installing aftermarket window tint in Toronto is to protect your skin and interior. Most of the premier window films made today block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays. 

At Ceramic Pro Elite Markham, we can solve all three of these reasons with our premium line-up of KAVACA Window Films. 


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Ceramic Pro Elite Markham has proudly served our valued customers in Toronto for more than a decade. We’ve showcased Ceramic Pro products since 2015, and are proud to have earned the Elite Dealer status. 

Whether you’re looking for the best ceramic coating in Toronto, want to protect your skin with a ceramic window tint, or seeking the Ultimate protection of The Ultimate Armor Package – we have a solution for you. 

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Award Winning Car Detailing

Ceramic Pro Markham (Former Get Detailed) has been selected by Wheels.ca as the best out of the top 10 car detailers in the GTA.

Taking Care of Toronto Car Owners for Years!

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Poradis Kenneth

Ceramic Pro Markham 5 Star rating

100% would recommend Get Detailed to people – in fact, I have already referred a friend of mine to them!

Cp client testimonial

Poradis Kenneth

Ceramic Pro Markham 5 Star rating

100% would recommend Get Detailed to people – in fact, I have already referred a friend of mine to them!


Stephen Johnston

Ceramic Pro Markham 5 Star rating

Nick and Kevin were great to deal with. Got the Silver package Ceramic Pro on our ‘T’. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up to bring outside in the sun. Highly recommend them. Thanks!

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Kenneth Yip

Ceramic Pro Markham 5 Star rating

An excellent job done with ceramic coating my vehicle. Customer focused and top notch service from the entire team.

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